Monday, October 29, 2007

4 Secrets of the Money Magnet Model Revealed

By: Matt Bacak

Here’s the situation. You’ve heard of the Money Magnet Model and want to incorporate it into your Internet business. Currently you are selling your product and monetizing the website through Google AdSense. What else can you do to maximize profits? Any business model is about testing and tweaking on a consistent basis to improve sales. Learn 4 secrets of Internet marketing gurus that have had resounding success with the Money Magnet Model.

Money Magnet Model Secret #1: Knowledge is power. In other words, educate website visitors by showing them how to click. This means that you train them to click on links in emails that you send to them regarding your website and product.

How can you train them to click on links in your email messages? There are few ways to accomplish this. First, format your email messages so that they are not rejected by the SPAM filters. This means using plain text only and keeping the email messages short. A shorter email means that there are less keywords in your email which usually trigger SPAM filters.

Your email message should be short and sweet. It should consist of a “teaser” and link to your website. You want to get the website visitor to your website as soon as possible. The “teaser” is a sentence that doesn’t complete itself. For example, a great teaser would be “It’s amazing to discover…” This incomplete sentence will have customers flocking to your website to find out the answer. They don’t want to be left hanging on the cliff of the unknown. Tell them to click on the link to your website to find out.

Money Magnet Model Secret #2: Seed your site. This means that you provide content on your website which is available for reprinting. You allow other website owners to copy and paste your content on their website as long as they give you credit and a link to your website in the bio box of the article. You can also use RSS feeds.

Money Magnet Model Secret #3: Serialize your content. Think about soap operas. People become addicted to them because they are serialized and keep a story line going on for many days or even years. You can apply the same hook to your content. This adds continuity to your website and has people coming back to your website over and over to find out more.

You can also prompt website visitors to ask questions and post comments. This works well when you deliver your content through a Blog. Visitors can help to increase the amount of content on your website. Plus, they often write using several keywords. This is great for search engine optimization purposes.

Money Magnet Model Secret #4: Maximize the real estate on your website. Use Google AdSense to sell advertising space on your website. Google has limits on the amount of Google AdSense you can have on a single website page. Google does this so that you don’t set up an entire website consisting of only Google AdSense advertisements.

Strive to break up content into several different web pages to deal with the limits imposed by Google. For example, break up a 1,000 word article on one page into 3 pages of 300-400 words each. Uses a “Click here to continue reading the article” link to have readers navigate to the other web pages. The more web pages you have the more real estate you have available for Google AdSense advertisements.

Matt Bacak began investing his first earnings at the tender age of 12, a young businessman in the making. Now, 15 years later, Bacak survived failed businesses, botched partnerships, heavy credit card debt and bankruptcy - and is now an accomplished well-established Internet millionaire and best-selling author. For more information, visit

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