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Becoming Money Magnet

By Al Crist

There is a simple technique you can use to start activating that Money Magnet inside you. I will start by briefly repeating a technique that was explained in a different article. It will be for the benefit of those who never read it. Then, I will present an alternative technique in case you have a subconscious barrier using the first method.


In one of her books titled "The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity", Catherine Ponder stated something worth remembering, "The ungrateful never prospers''. According to the author, your ungrateful attitude is pushing abundance and prosperity away from you.

Do you take a few minutes every day to be grateful and thankful for all the good things you have in your life right now? Most likely, NO. You are probably too busy focusing on what is wrong in your life and bitterly complaining about it. You do not even begin to understand that, by NOT being grateful and thankful, you are becoming a REPELLENT to money, wealth and riches.

"How can that be?", you may ask. "What is really happening here? Why are gratitude and thankfulness mentioned by so many teachers, authors and lecturers?", you may be wondering.

The Law of Life is the Law of Belief, also known as the universal Law of Attraction. It simply states that "what you deeply believe will sooner or later materialize as your physical reality". In other words, you are creating your own reality through the beliefs you deeply hold in your Subconscious mind.

And as you keep resenting and FOCUSING on the things that you BELIEVE are wrong in your life, the universal Law of Attraction guarantees that you shall keep attracting more of the same. There is also another very little known law, the Subconscious Law of Multiplication and Expansion, which simply brings back to you multiplied whatever you FOCUS on and makes it expand into other areas of your life.

Now, it should be perfectly clear why 'The ungrateful never prospers". As these ungrateful individuals FOCUS mainly on what is wrong in their lives, they put into operation the universal Law of attraction, which keeps bringing them what they FOCUS on: the 'bad' stuff in their lives. And the Subconscious Law of Multiplication and Expansion makes those troubles, not only worse, but it makes those troubles expand into all the areas of their lives as well.

The persons who are thankful and grateful are FOCUSING their minds on what is good in their lives, on what is working alright. The universal Law of Attraction keeps bringing them more of what they FOCUS on: the 'good' stuff in their lives. And the Subconscious Law of Multiplication and Expansions takes care of multiplying and expanding those good results in all areas of their lives. BEING THANKFUL AND GRATEFUL makes this person a MONEY MAGNET as well as a magnet to many wonderful things and events being attracted to his life.


Now, a simple technique to activate that MONEY MAGNET inside you is the following. It was explained by the late Jack Ensign Addington in one of his books. It was given to a man who was desperate with an ever increasing pile of unpaid bills and angry creditors hunting him all over the place.

As you are in bed, ready to fall asleep, implant into your Subconscious mind the idea of abundance by simply repeating to yourself, over and over again, with feelings but without forcing, the sentence "I give thanks for the abundance that is mine". You may modify it to "I give thanks for the abundance, wealth and riches that are mine". Or even "I am a money magnet. I give thanks for the abundance of money flowing irresistibly to me". Use the one that feels most natural, the one you can accept the most easily. Fall asleep gently letting this truth sip deeper and deeper into the depths of your own Subconscious mind.

As you wake up in the morning, spend the first 5-10 minutes staying in bed with your eyes closed and again repeating over and over the same sentence.

Then, as you go through your day, STOP focusing on things that you consider to be detrimental and no good in your life. Instead, keep mentally repeating one or several of the statements above. The Laws of Attraction and the Law of Multiplication and Expansion will take care of everything else.

Now, who or what do you give thanks to? That is your choice. Give it to God, the Universe, Life, The Universal Mind, Infinite Intelligence within you, The Quantum Field, The Creative Force, the Creator or whoever/whatever you believe to be the SOURCE of that abundance you are attracting to you using the power of your Subconscious mind.


Even though the first Method is simplicity itself, some may find subconscious barriers to its use.

These barriers may manifest themselves as objections arising from the mind when repeating the statements in Technique Number One.

These objections could be "Come on, what abundance, what wealth?". "Nonsense. You are drowning with unpaid bills", "You repel money", "You never have enough money". and many others.

Those objections will make the use of Technique Number One very ineffective.

Therefore, you will be using a different TACTIC to go around the resistance of your Subconscious.

Instead of giving thanks for the abundance, the wealth, the money that are coming your way and that you are a Money Magnet, you will start being thankful and grateful for anything you GENUINELY can be thankful for.

Examples: Thank you for my great health and vitality.

Thank you for my great intelligence

Thank you for having a car

Thank you for having a roof over my head

Thank you for my parents, brothers, sisters, friends

Thank you because I have a job

Thank you because I have enough money to eat

Thank you for the wonderful lunch I had today

Thanks for my wonderful eyes (teeth, skin, etc.)

Make certain those are things you are GENUINELY thankful and grateful for. Keep following Technique Number Two for several days. You may even need a week. And then, SLOWLY and GRADUALLY, start ADDING the statements in technique Number One. Slowly, gradually I said.

What you did was to train your Subconscious to accept things that were going well in your life. And then, you started to SNEAK in a few of the statements in Technique Number One. And then, a bit more. And a bit more. Until a time where your Subconscious will start accepting those statements, they will be incorporated as part of your BELIEF system and the Law of Attraction will make you a Money Magnet and attract abundance, wealth, money into your life.

Practice these techniques for the next THIRTY (30) days and you will notice improvements in your life. These improvements will be gradual. They will get bigger and bigger, greater and greater as each day goes by. And you will be very happy you learned these very simple techniques.

Al Crist believes being a Millionaire should be EASY and FUN, not hard work and painful. Contact him at makemoneyfastgetrichbeamillionaire
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