Friday, November 16, 2007

How to Make Money Doing What You Enjoy - A 5-Minute Technique - Guaranteed!

by: Roy Primm

Is it real or just a ploy

To make money doing what I enjoy,

It's sad and not funny

Doing work you hate just for the money

Is it possible to get money and get joy?

If you live in this society you have to make money, no two ways about it. But there's no law that says you can't enjoy it.

As you read this millions of people go to jobs, businesses and careers they don't enjoy. In fact, many hate their jobs. Are you one of them?

Read these tips carefully and you'll discover how you can finally start making money doing what you enjoy. Would that make you happy?

While you read this message there's a growing army of people who love what they do with a passion. They can't wait to get to work.

In fact, their work is a joy even despite the problems (they call them challenges), the difficult people (they call them opportunities) and other obstacles. The difference is they're making money doing what they love.

You Deserve The Best Of Both Worlds

Making money doing what you enjoy is the best of both worlds and it's something you deserve to have, the evidence is the fact you're reading this. Deep down you know you deserve to make money doing what you enjoy. Congratulations for taking action.

You deserve to make money doing what you enjoy. Stop and repeat that statement out loud - pause and say it like you mean it ... from your guts! - "I Deserve To Make Money Doing What I Enjoy!"

Congratulations! By saying that powerful statement you've taken the first step to achieving it no matter what your present situation.

Now let me explain, when I say enjoy I mean doing something you would do even if you received no paycheck. But don't let that scare you - do what you enjoy first and the money will follow. That's a prosperity law.

Powerful 2-Step Technique

Here's a simple but powerful 2 Step technique that will rocket you toward making money doing what you enjoy.

1. Make a list of what you enjoy doing the most. Try to list at least 10 items. What would you do if you didn't have to worry about money? Now list them. Do it now!

2. Now take a few minutes and dream. Don't laugh, to achieve anything worth having requires a fair amount of dreaming first. Don't skip this important step.

Here's what I want you to do. Close your eyes and imagine you had all the money you needed to live a comfortable lifestyle. In other words paying your bills, going on vacations and buying the things you wanted were no longer an issue.

What business, work, or career would you have? Have you ever thought about this? Do it now and take your time, close your eyes and dream.

What can you see yourself doing? Don't worry or think about how this could possibly happen - just allow yourself to dream.

Picture yourself doing it and let yourself feel how much you'd enjoy yourself without having to worry about money.

Get a timer and set it for 5 minutes and allow yourself to dream for the full 5 minutes minimum every day for at least 30 days.

What The Results Will Look Like

As you do this simple exercise you'll suddenly find yourself on the road to living your dream. You'll soon find yourself making money doing what you enjoy.

This is how I started making money doing what I enjoy, plus hundreds of others I've interviewed who worked at dead-end jobs and glass ceiling careers.

They simply took the time to not just dream but dream with purpose by doing the simple exercise for 30 days. The results from doing the simple but empowering 5-minute ... 2-step exercise spoke for itself by rewarding them with opportunities to make money doing what they enjoy.

A Personal Warning To You

One warning I must give you. Once you achieve your goal of making money doing what you enjoy, guess what? You'll never want to waste your time making money doing something you don't enjoy - No matter how much it pays you!

The magical feeling of making money doing what you enjoy will feel so good, so rewarding so satisfying to you.

Soon you won't be able to imagine ever again doing something you don't enjoy just for the money. I know that's the way I feel and I've never regretted it. Why? Because I make money doing what I enjoy ... and you will too!

Enjoy What You Do and the Money Will Come

I am not sure what came first the cart or the horse so-to-speak. But I can tell you this if you'll research those who have achieved financial success you'll discover one glaring similarity.

For example, the Donald Trumps, Warren Buffets or Bill Gates have all admitted the key to their success is in there ability to enjoy what they do.

You know they have to enjoy what they do because they all still work 16 hour days when they don't have to. To work 16 hour days when you don't have to - you must enjoy what you're doing, wouldn't you agree?


Now you no longer have an excuse to not start on the road to making money doing what you enjoy.

The first step cost you nothing and requires five minutes a day to do. Think about it, you don't have to buy any special tools or equipment.

All that's needed is action and commitment, the results will soon speak for themselves. Now get started and may you enjoy your journey as much as your achievement. To your success!

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