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How to become a Money Magnet

by Greg

Tips, Strategies, and Philosophies to attract more money.

The Basics of our Universe

Everything is ENERGY. All matter in our universe is made up of energy; You, your thoughts, sound, light, your car, the people you know, this booklet, and yes even the money you want to attract is only a form of energy.

Everything is in a constant state of MOTION or change. Everything has a RHYTHM. All matter is either growing and expanding, or shrinking and receding, moving towards or away, or changing from one form to another.

LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE. Energies that are similar to each other draw each other. A positive attitude attracts other people with positive attitudes. Success attracts further success. Money attracts more money. This works for, with and on both positive or negative energies, results or outcomes. This isn’t just theory; this is law, based on the physics behind the behavior of energy and wavelengths.

THOUGHT is the highest form of energy or wavelength. What you think about and focus on attracts similar energies, thus growing in your life. Your thoughts drive your behaviors, which in turn results in the outcomes that create your experiences in your life. This is where your power is to change your life…You have the power to choose your thoughts, decide which actions to take, and which results you want in your life.

EMOTIONS are the most important thoughts available to us. Emotions are Energy—in Motion, or E—Motion. When you (think) or feel an emotion, your body responds with the corresponding behaviors or actions associated with that emotion…it happens unconsciously. Passion is the emotion you need to find if you want to attract more money. Passion will get you out of bed in the morning to take the actions needed to bring you into alignment with money. You need to find passion for yourself, your work, your career, and your life….then money will seek YOU out.

MONEY is also a form of energy. When we think of money, we often visualize the symbols of money, such as coins, currency, dollar signs, or what we can buy with it; this is not what money is. Money is a representative energy used to define the value inherent in an object, a service, a sphere of influence, an opportunity, or even a belief or vision. This value is variable and defined by the exchange between two or more people. The more people you touch and affect with your job, life, service or product; the more valuable it will be viewed and more money will flow through your life.

The energy of money is also a tool used to create and bring into your life those things you want and desire: opportunity, physical things, and financial security. As a tool, you must respect your money. You should not waste or repel money through your thoughts and actions. Money like people, does not go where it is not loved and respected for the value it brings into your life. If you do not have the money in your life that you want, you may be pushing it away with your negative thoughts and behaviors towards money. If you use and treat your money wisely you will attract more. Also, you must realize that money is a tool that you control, not the other way around. Thought is the most powerful form of energy. Money receives its power through the energy we give it. You control the flow of money through your life; money does not control you. All the money that you desire is already available to you…all you must do is to attract it to you with your thoughts and actions.

Strategies and Actions:

ACCOUNTABILITY. First off you must realize that if you want to change anything in your life including how much money comes through your life, it is up to you. Your past, your environment, your current situation has no effect on what you can accomplish in your future, but it is where you are to begin; like it or not this is your starting point to the future. Your past thoughts, actions, behaviors, and beliefs have led you to your current results. Only by choosing to change your present thoughts, actions, behaviors and beliefs can you hope to have a different future. If you keep doing and thinking the same things you will keep getting more of the same. You must accept full accountability and responsibility for changing your life and getting what you want out of life. No whining, no complaining, no blaming. This is your life.

SET GOALS. Next you must set some goals for yourself. Goals give you a target to shoot for. If you don’t have a clear vision of what you want and why, you will not be able to obtain it, or even realize when you do. Goals MUST be written out and should be written in the present tense as if the are already realized. This is important because it allows your subconscious and conscious mind to work together in helping you accomplish the goal. They should always have a target date to help create a sense of urgency for their completion. You should write and rewrite your goals often, as well as read over them daily. This also helps to plant them into your mind and to remind you to work on and think about them. A good strategy is to place them on a card to carry with you so you can look at them often. In setting goals, try to keep a balance in your life. Develop a mixture of goals that reflect different aspects of your life: personal, business, financial, spiritual. Work on improving yourself as a total person and you will increase your value to other thus increasing the money that comes to you.

CREATE A MONEY PATH. Remember that money is a form of energy. Money cannot flow to you or through your life if there isn’t a path for it to follow. We all understand that you can’t use an electrical device without first plugging in the cord, or creating a path to the energy source. Similarly, with the energy of money, unless we have a path for the money to follow to us it will keep moving along. You must have a device to tap into, use, or store the energy of money. This can be a job, a bank account, a service, or a product. But it must be a finished product, service, or idea that can be exchanged for an agreed upon value. It must be a completed circuit or path. Just like electricity it will not flow if there is a break in the path.

In creating a money path, realize that working for an hourly wage is poor path for money to follow because it is constrained by another variable….time. Even if you worked 24 hours a day, every day, there is only a maximum amount of money that you can receive for that time. No matter how productive or efficient you are, there is a ceiling on your earnings. The same holds true of a salary. If you wish to attract the money you dream of…you must create a money path that enables you to earn a ‘productive wage’. The more productive or efficient you work, the more value and money you earn. One way that this is done by offering a service, a product, or idea that comes directly from you and your unique talents and passion. Find and discover a way to offer your knowledge and talents to the world combined with your passion for it; and your work, time and ideas will be both rewarding and rewarded.

However, I don’t recommend you quitting your job if you find that you are not earning what and how you want. A better strategy would be to use the money you do earn more wisely, through savings and investments, lowering your expenses, and for creating money-earning opportunities. Then work on developing your money paths and passions in your spare time. Just realizing the difference between a wage and a productive wage will open your eyes to all the opportunity available in the world. Making money is easy…keeping it and using it wisely is the hard part.

DEVELOP A PLAN. Now that you have dreams and goals, you need to develop a plan to obtain them. The key to success is simple….action = success! You should develop an “action plan” for each goal that you seriously want to accomplish. Action plans list the steps needed to reach your goal or dream. Keep it simple and direct, each step doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive; it just needs to be focused on an ACTION and keep your momentum going. What if you don’t know the steps to take?…don’t worry… just pick a logical first step and work on completing that. The next steps will present themselves when you are ready, just work on one step at a time, and before you know it you will have reached your goal. Remember that ACTION is the defining element in the accomplishment of your goals and in the creation of wealth. If you keep doing something, you’re bound to figure out the right activities for you. People that have a plan and take action, always in the long run, do better than those who don’t.

FOLLOW YOUR MONEY. If you want to attract more money into your life, you’d better start using the money you do have wiser. Most people have no idea how much money they actually earn, how much the actually save, how much they actually spend and on WHAT. This isn’t about budgeting or spending less, its about knowing how money flows through your life…how it comes to you, and where it goes. One idea is to take a detailed log of all the money you spend for a month…listing the amount and for what. This log will enable you to make informed and intelligent decisions about your earnings and your spendings, and where you might want to make changes.

The Money Magnet Attitude

ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING! Remember that your thoughts have power over yourself and your universe…..start thinking better thoughts and having a better attitude.

IMPROVE YOUR SELF-TALK. Stop knocking yourself down…there is enough other people and negative influences to do it for you. When thinking to yourself, think only good things. Adopt a “believing in yourself” habit and practice it every day. If you don’t believe you can achieve some goal or dream, you’re probably right. What you can accomplish always begins with you.

STAY AWAY FROM NEGATIVITY. Never listen to the people who tell you what you can’t do, or what they think you’re not good enough to do or have. Spend your time with people that believe in you and support your endeavors. Stay away from people that focus your attention to negative thoughts or emotions. People love to gossip and complain about everything at home and at work. Don’t get caught up in this negative behavior. Focus on the positive in people and in any situation and instead of ever complaining; be happy you’re alive, think of the good in your life, and smile.

NEVER GIVE UP. Don’t expect that this will be easy. Don’t expect the world to be fair to you or your plans. It won’t. Accomplishing your goals and thinking the right thoughts will be the hardest thing you’ve have ever done, but you can do it. And it will be worth it. When you fail, make a mistake, or miss an opportunity….examine it and find out what you can learn, then dust yourself off, make a new plan, and go for it. Life is about learning, growing and overcoming problems and obstacles. Revel in the process of becoming successful.

GRATITUDE. Adopt an attitude of gratitude. Equally important to having a positive attitude and thinking good thoughts, is to be absolutely grateful for what you do have. When you are thankful for what you have, you are more likely to enjoy your life, use what you have more wisely, and to attract more of what you want to you. The ultimate in gratitude is to be grateful for those things and goals you haven’t even received yet, but know are coming. This powerful technique supercharges your mind to attract those things to you.

GIVING. Most individuals, who are truly rich, are also usually the biggest givers. Now you might think that of course they could give more because they have more…I say that they have more because they give more. Remember that money is a form of energy. When you hoard or hold on to money, it breaks the circuit and the flow. When you open your heart and offer your time and/or money to worthy causes, you keep the paths open for money to move to and through you. Experience the joy of truly giving as opposed to trading…don’t expect anything back. Remember that the more lives you touch, the greater impact you have on the universe…….and the more value and money you attract.

Nature abhors a vacuum. If you create a space in your world, the universe must fill it with something. You can use this law to help move energy and things through your life. If you were to get rid of all your shoes, how long would it take, no matter what your current income, until you found a way to get new pair to wear? Not long, I bet. Get rid of the things in your life that no longer serve you, that you no longer wear or use. Give them away to someone who can use and appreciate them more. This not only gives you the chance to give, but it sends a powerful message of abundance to your mind. Keeping a sense of abundance is critical to attracting more….because LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE.

Power Tips:

TURN OFF THE TV. If you want more attract money, turn off the single most destructive, time-wasting, negative programming force of the Twentieth Century…your television. Success is about taking action and nothing makes you more inactive or wastes more of your time and energy than TV. Stop watching other peoples’ work and use the time that you now DON’T watch TV to live your own life, and to make your own opportunities for success and more money.

IDENTIFY SELF-LIMITING HABITS AND BELIEFS. Nothing develops new skills, thoughts, and behaviors than repetition. Repetition leads to learned habits of thought and behavior that can make or break our plans. You have in the process of growing and learning, programmed yourself with a mess of bad habits and self-limiting beliefs. In order to attract more money, you need to identify your bad habits concerning money and eliminate them. You need to identify any negative beliefs about yourself, your potential or your dreams, and you need to start creating positive new habits and beliefs to replace them.

USE AFFIRMATIONS. The power of repetition can be used to put strong positive messages into your thoughts and to motivate you. Develop several affirmations that you can say to yourself and write down often. They should be written in the present tense and be simple and direct. A few examples are “ I make $ xxxx dollars a month!”, “ I attract and enjoy greater financial abundance each day!”, “Money is attracted to me because of my value to the world!”, or even “I can do it!” Say them often, say them with feeling, and believe it can happen if you take action!

VISUALIZE. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. If words spoken and written down can make such a huge difference, imagine what full-blown imagery can do. Use your imagination to visualize your goals and dreams already accomplished. Don’t see yourself from the outside, but rather how you would see things through your eyes. Make it as vivid as you can with sounds, colors, feelings and people you know talking to you. Fill your visualizations with high emotion. You’ve just accomplished all your goals and dreams….how would it look and feel! Use the power of visualization often to send the message deep into your mind and to motivate you to make it all real!

TAKE ACTION! Above all else, if you don’t take action, you won’t make a change. Take the time to think about your dreams, goals, and passions, and to make a good plan……then go for it! To attract more money or anything else, you are going to have to do something. These are guidelines to get you started; the rest is up to you. You have to BE more and DO more if you want to HAVE more.

The best of luck to you!

USE THE MONEY MAGNET. The Money Magnet was created to teach and remind people of the power they have to make their dreams come true. Hang the Money Magnet on your refrigerator, in the office, or anywhere you want to be reminded or motivated. You can make it happen if you believe and take action. Share the Money Magnet with your friends and family; and let us know how you do.

If the information above doesn’t help…try dancing naked in your living room while rubbing the Money Magnet on your forehead and yelling “Money, Money!”

Good Luck and remember to Dream to Be……………

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