Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Secret - Revealed

By Scott Davis

If you haven't heard of The Secret, you're missing out. It's something to be shared. Something to be experienced. Something to be studied. Something to change the world.

It's magic and I've seen it work!

When Oprah did a show on The Secret this February, it was one of her most popular episodes ever. It got so much attention that she did it again a week later. I had already seen the film and passed it on to friends. A friend who has YET to learn about it (ya hear me, Cat?).

But I figured if it's good enough for Oprah, it's good enough for my newscast. My dear psychic friend Sunny Johnston actually teaches classes on The Secret so I asked if we could bring a camera. Sunny's never been a shy creature, so there we were in her class full of people who are on the verge of changing their lives forever. Two students really stood out, so I asked them for interviews.

All of this is in the story we aired - You can see it here. Suffice to say, though, that those two people interviewed had used The Secret and made their deepest wish come true.

What is The Secret? It's the law of attraction. As Sunny put it: "Your thoughts and your feelings create your reality." BELIEVE in what you want and it will happen. But of course it's not enough to just say the words. You have to believe it.

My wife is a big skeptic. Well, she USED to be a skeptic. We had many conversations on how The Secret works and one night she said, "Ok. Tomorrow I'm going to have fun at the nursing conference and someone's going to give me a free Diet Coke." Start simple, right? So the next day came and went. We were chatting before bed and she commented that she did indeed have fun at the conference with her friend, but she didn't get the drink. Well no sooner were those words out of her mouth when her eyes bulged out, her jaw dropped and she sat straight up. "WAIT!" she nearly screamed. "When we were at lunch at Chili's, the waiter didn't charge us for our drinks!"

I smiled sweetly and said, "Told you so." Then she continued. "Ok, tomorrow....... someone's going to give me a free book!" Wanna guess what happened the next day? She called me at work to say that not only had a friend brought her a book at work, but another friend brought her three!

She's still in awe and I've told her not to abuse the power.

It's like Sunny says: "It can change the world. Really, I believe that. "If mainstream USA starts learning how powerful their thoughts are- even if it's a possibility- even if it's just one little thing, that cup of coffee from a neighbor or whatever, everything will change from that point on."

Now I know there are people who won't believe The Secret can work like that. That's okay. People who say "it's not that easy." That's okay too. Again I turn to Sunny for her simply perfect way of answering spiritual questions. In this case, Sunny says you're right. "Because if you believe that way, you're right. If you believe that it's hard, it is. If you believe it's going to be a challenge, it will be. If you believe that MAYBE it MIGHT work then you'll start to see changes. So how do you make it happen? You believe it!"

She's right. My wife was right. You are right. Your thoughts become reality.

My thoughts become blogs! Respond here and let others know how it works for you.

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