Saturday, November 20, 2010

Be a Money Magnet: Attraction is the Key!

A money magnet is someone who uses attraction and the power of visualization to attract wealth and abundance into their life. It sounds like a crazy concept to the uninitiated, but once you begin studying the law of attraction, you'll find that becoming a money magnet is easier than most people think.

The problem is that most of us are conditioned to think that money is difficult to come by -- that it is a scarce commodity, and we are lucky just to get enough of it to scrape by. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. Understanding the law of attraction helps us to see it there is never a lack or limitation of anything in the universe. All things flow with abundance, including money.

Once we began to get into the mindset of attraction, becoming a money magnet is second nature. You will find that money simply begins to appear as if ordered, right on cue. And one very effective way to start this flow of attraction and wealth into your life is to use the power of visualization.

Try this simple but effective exercise to attract money into your life:

Twice a day, morning and night, go into a quiet room and relax quietly in a comfortable chair or lying down. Then simply close your eyes and begin to visualize yourself having great wealth. It is important to understand that you should never visualize wanting money, but instead, see yourself ALREADY HAVING lots of money.

Once you begin seeing yourself as already being a money magnet, the real power of attraction springs into action on your behalf, producing wealth in your life. In fact, the most important point about attracting money into your life is this: you cannot "need" it. Instead, you must already be convinced that you have plenty of money.

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You see, despite what some ill-informed "gurus" would have you believe, the universe does not give us everything that we "want." The universe gives us more of what we already "have." This means that in order to attract something (like money) into your life, you need to already "have" money.

This may sound like a catch 22, but actually it's not. By using the power of visualization, you can begin to see yourself as having an abundance of all things -- including money. It is this inner "seeing" that brings about the power of attraction and will make you a magnet for money (or anything else you desire).

In my coaching practice, I sometimes see clients who have a hard time with this concept of "having" versus "wanting." But with time and study, it becomes much easier to understand and to put the power of your creative imagination to work on your behalf to create wealth.

In my experience, the two most important points in becoming a money magnet through the law of attraction are as follows:

1. Use the power of visualization every single day. "See" yourself already having the things that you want, and the money that you desire. Remember, it's not enough to simply "want" something. In your mind, you must already "have" it.

2. Practice gratitude. By being grateful that you already have something, you are sending a very powerful signal out into the universe. The law of attraction assures us that whatever you put out into the world will come back to you. In other words, if you put out a strong vibration that you are a money magnet, attraction will make sure that your affirmation takes physical form and becomes a reality in your life.

There are no exceptions to these rules, just as there is no exception to the law of attraction. It is always working, at all times, for everyone. If what you desire is great riches, began "seeing" yourself as already being a money magnet; attraction will manifest your inner "seeing" into a reality in your life-- every single time.

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Law Of Resonance

The Law of Resonance, like all other Universal Laws, once understood, will provide you with a greatly enhanced ability to begin "consciously", intentionally and consistently attracting and experiencing more of the desired outcomes that you desire to experience and envision for yourself.

Once this conscious awareness of The Law of Resonance is attained, it will enable you to clearly understand the importance and necessity of consciously directing and maintaining the kind and quality of the energy that you project through your thoughts, emotions and beliefs which in turn will enable you to begin attracting and experiencing the desired "tangible physical results" that you may currently be "unconsciously attracting" and that so many "perceive" to be random acts of nature that fall outside of their ability to consciously control.

Although a widely held many beliefs held today, as you'll discover, it is and can only continue to limit you if you choose to allow it to.

The Law of Resonance will enable you to break free from the mindset as well as the limitations that the vast majority place on themselves and enable you to begin experiencing a kind and quality of life that the majority "unconsciously" choose not to.

A deeper look into The Law Of Resonance will provide you with the "seemingly" hidden key of all the keys concerning the unwavering process of manifestation...meaning how each of the events, conditions and circumstances are drawn or attracted to you and created in every area of your life, whether physically, relationally, emotionally, financially or spiritually.

In fact ALL physical (or seen) as well as the unseen events, conditions and circumstances which make up your personal life experience as well as those which are continually being created in the entire Universe, are only possible and happen as a result of the Law of Resonance.

The Law of Resonance which is closely interconnected and works in harmony with the Law of Attraction is the Universal Law which determines precisely what it is that you will attract into your life based on the resonance or frequency of of the energy that you are projecting.

Although many have become aware of the Law of Attraction recently, many believe that it's the Law Of Attraction that's solely responsible for determining what is drawn into their life experiences in the physical world. Although to an extent that's true, The Law of Attraction is merely the perfectly constructed, immutable and unwavering law which makes certain that "something" is attracted and created based on individual choices that are made by you.

The Law of Resonance is the law which determines precisely WHAT IS attracted based on the resonance or the frequency of energy that is chosen by you through your emotional response system and as a result of that choice determines the kind and quality of the resonance or frequency projected which the Law of Attraction utilizes to determine precisely what IS attracted.

The simplest way to put it would be to say that The Law of Resonance is the law that assures that all energy continuously vibrates at a given frequency and depending on the vibratory output of this emitted frequency is what the Law of Attraction uses to determine what additional energies are attracted to one another which join together, resulting in a transmutation of the energy from the unseen or spiritual realm, producing outcomes in physical form.

To provide more clarity, the Law of Attraction will attract to you every event, condition and circumstance experienced in your life which is determined by the vibrational resonance created based on how you perceive what's going on around you.

The Law of Attraction makes no judgments, distinctions or determinations between what you might perceive to be good or bad, right or wrong, etc. and is TOTALLY unbiased in what is attracted to you. It only serves and acts as the delivery system, delivering to you precisely what you are asking for based on your resonance.

The Law of Resonance simply determines the vibrational intensity of what you choose to project which determines what you are asking for.

The Law of Attraction operates precisely the same without bias for EVERY person in precisely the same manner. It is an individuals resonance, the energy which is projected outward which determines exactly what those events, conditions and circumstances in each persons life consist of.

As we've covered in The Law of Vibration article everything which exists in the entire Universe, whether it be those things that can be experienced with your five physical senses of sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing, as well as those which are above or below our ability to comprehend and experience with the physical senses, when broken down, studied and analyzed in their purest and most basic form (subatomic particles) exist as a result of energy or light.

In other words ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, whether physical objects, your body, sounds, colors, feelings, oxygen, thoughts, feelings, emotions etc. etc. exist as a result of energy or what science refers to as Quanta which exist as vibrating energy packets. The outcomes or effects of both the physical and the non physical are determined by and constructed of the varying vibrational output of these sub atomic particles.

In other words the only thing that determines the difference between let's say water and the chair you're sitting in is the varying vibrational intensity's of the energy which make them up.

At their core, they exist of the same energy, it's simply the vibrational output of the energy which makes them appear as different forms or physical manifestations.

In the same way, YOU determine what you'll experience in your life based on the resonance that you choose to project.

So what determines this resonance that you emit from your physical body? Your EMOTIONS. The emotions that you experience, as has been covered in the Power of Thoughts as well as the Power of Emotions articles creates a specific vibratory frequency or resonance which once created is projected outward which activates and enables the Law of Attraction to do it's job and with unwavering certainty creates what you experience in your life.

The result is that you begin attracting to you precisely what you are asking for based on the resonance or frequency of energy that you are projecting.

The job of the Law of Attraction is to attract to you and bring into your physical existence precisely what you are asking for as a result of that projected frequency or resonance which is created and projected as a result of the emotions that you choose to experience.

The Law of Resonance is quite literally the law that determines how ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is brought into (manifested in) your physical world.

If this seems a bit hard to grasp and If you haven't yet, it would be best to first develop a basic understanding of the Law of Vibration as well as The Law Of Attraction and it will all become crystal clear to you how it is that The Law Of Resonance operates. You might also find the Science of Success article to be of assistance as well which explains in simplified terms what Quantum Physicists have discovered with respect to how ALL things are brought from the unseen, metaphysical or spiritual realm into physical existence.

As it pertains to you personally, resonance is the outgoing frequency that you project based on the quality of your "consciousness" which determines what you will attract much like the outgoing frequency from a radio determines which radio station is picked up and heard through the speakers of that radio. It is the outbound frequency created by the radio which harmonizes and resonates with the frequency emitted from a radio tower which attracts and combines those frequencies and enables the sound to be heard.

So what do radio frequencies have to do with emotions and resonance?

Your quality of consciousness determines the quality or vibrational intensity of the energy emitted and projected which determines what is attracted to you.

Emotions of fear, apathy, grief, anger, and anxiety emit a much different resonance or vibrational output than those emotions of love, joy, gratitude etc. just as tuning to 96.9 FM emits and as a result attracts a different outcome or frequency than 104.7 FM on your radio dial.

Resonance is merely a process of initiating and amplifying a vibratory response (a link) in a receiving system that is attuned to or in vibrational resonance with an emitting system which creates an outcome.

Your individual thoughts, emotions and beliefs determines the vibrational intensity of this emitted frequency which in turn determines what you'll attract to you and experience in your life.

It is very important to understand that resonance starts only when the frequency of the two systems (the receiving and the emitting) are very close or identical in frequency and harmonize, which then determines what the Law of Attraction will draw to you.

In other words, you can't expect to send out a frequency of fear and expect to draw to you something that you love.

A frequency of fear and a frequency of love vary in vibrational intensity. A vibrational output of something feared can only resonate and draw to you a harmonious frequency which produces in your life more of what is feared.

A vibrational output of what is "loved" or "desired" can only resonate and draw to you a harmonious frequency resulting in a physical manifestation of the thing loved and desired.

In a nutshell the Law of Resonance determines the varying frequencies between these two predominant states of being whether it be fear or love.

Love emits and projects a much higher frequency than does fear and is far more powerful in attracting to you things that are loved or desired. Fear on the other hand although it does emit a vibrational frequency does not have the same attractive force as does the higher vibrational intensity of love which more easily attracts what is loved over what is feared.

Ok, now with that basic understanding what can be done to begin resonating at a frequency which attracts more of what it is that you love or desire to experience in the physical world?

Knowledge is the first step and once understood, grasped and internalized, the next step is beginning the process of consciously controlling the resonance that you project.

How exactly do you do that?

The first step in the process is becoming conscious of your thoughts. Through practice you will begin the process of achieving self mastery which enables and empowers you to allow yourself to only think thoughts and as a result of that choice only experience emotions that are in alignment with that which you choose to attract and manifest in the physical world.

Although there is some mental work and self discipline involved initially, as you'll soon discover based on what you begin attracting into your life, the long term rewards FAR outweigh the short term effort necessary to begin consciously and intentionally using the Law of Resonance yo your benefit.

While many believe that their emotions are uncontrollable, this is absolutely not true. Although it does take some self discipline initially and the developed ability to learn to consciously and consistently remain aware of the thought processes that regulate an individuals emotional response system, learning to consciously control emotions can be easily achieved once a basic understanding concerning how to achieve it is established.

One of the most powerful, practical and effective means that I have personally found for taking conscious control over your thoughts and emotions is best achieved through the art of meditation .

Meditation has been scientifically proven to change the resonance of the human physiology enabling those that choose to practice it to experience an overall sense of peace, calm and well being and as a result effortlessly and automatically changing the resonance or vibrational frequency which an individual projects thereby providing much more desirable results which manifest in physical form.

Meditation provides and produces an enhanced ability of the practitioner to enter into and remain in a state of resonance of their choosing enhancing their ability to consciously control the resonance projected by them which determines how the physical outcomes experienced in the various areas of their lives are determined.

Meditation also serves to balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain, initiating what is often referred to as whole brain thinking, dramatically reducing the physical activity of the brain, and as a result opens the door to higher awareness, dramatically enhanced intuition, a much deeper understanding of the unseen or spiritual, and numerous other benefits. (See the benefits of meditation) The fundamental and often implied "secret" to begin consciously creating desired results in life can be dramatically enhanced through consistent meditation practice enabling the practitioner to develop the ability to consciously create and maintain a desired frequency or resonance.

Although the actual experience of reaching a deep meditative state is difficult to explain with the limited scope of physical words, meditation, to put it simply, enables the practitioner to experience a profound sense of inner well being, joy, and what is referred to as Nirvana or experiencing a close personal interconnection with the Source, whatever you may perceive that Source to be.

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Accelerate The L.O.A. Force In Your Life

Uniting Your Conscious Desires And Subconscious Mind

by Ray Moore - Success Coach

Whatever it is you want to achieve in life, prosperity, abundance or the fulfillment of your dreams, you'll be glad to know that the attainment of these things are possible for those who learn how to apply the Universal Law of Attraction.

This law states that anything you want in life, you can have simply by choosing to deliberately change your thought patterns and constantly focus on the things you want in life and avoid thinking about the things you do not want.

Simply stated, the law of attraction manifests in your life the things you constantly think about and focus on.

The law of attraction has a powerful impact on the subconscious mind, because everything you think about and experience consciously is influencing your subconscious mind.

Does this mean that the law of attraction can work faster when the conscious and subconscious minds are at one with the desired intention?

Absolutely! When the conscious and subconscious minds are in unity this is called, "the whole mind". By studying the powers of the united conscious and subconscious minds, we come to the realization that by consistently entering the state of "whole mind" or "oneness" we have the power to solve any problem that may occur or manifest the necessary conditions through which we can solve the problems ourselves.

Our minds are actually made up of two distinct entities called the conscious and the subconscious minds. When we decide to focus our effort on creating unity between the two minds, we can achieve a greater sense of happiness and success in our lives.

What most people don't understand is that when your conscious and subconscious minds are working together you will naturally create good health, peace and harmony.

The more the conscious and subconscious minds are integrated and in sync with each other, the more effective the entire mind and body function as a whole. The conscious and subconscious minds have to work together in harmony to accomplish anything.

Great artists, poets, writers, scientists, inventors and discoverers have had a deep understanding of how their conscious and subconscious minds work together in order to work wonders in their lives. They understand that fusion of the conscious and subconscious minds creates powerfully FOCUSED THOUGHT that can produce tangible results from the formless substance.

You have at your command the same power that has created galaxies and nothing can stop you from having whatever it is you want in this life. You've had this power all along, but the difference now is you can consciously create by uniting the conscious and subconscious minds.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009


How to Create a River of Abundance in Your Life Right Now
By Mike Adams

People always ask me about the secret to abundance. They say, "How can
you give away so much, Mike, and still attract so much abundance at the
same time?" Actually, that's the whole secret right there. Be a river,
not a dam, and abundance of all kinds (financial and otherwise) will
flow through you.
This article is a discussion about what I call "money harmony" or
"energy harmony". Being a river means being the kind of person who is a
conduit, who allows resources, including money, to flow through you
rather than being the kind of person who tries to dam up the flow of
energy and selfishly keep it all for yourself. This whole discussion
gets rather philosophical, but it's also quite practical as you'll soon see.
There is a system at work in the universe that distributes resources to
those who are the most responsible in putting them to good use. Of
course, there's a competing system at work, too. That is a system that
results in resources being collected in the hands of people who are
deceitful, who cheat others, who are dishonest, unethical and so on.
That system definitely works for some corporations and some individuals,
but the price they pay for that is much too high.

I advocate a system that allows you to be rewarded for being a conduit
of responsible use of money and resources. *In this system, the universe
acts almost as if it were a conscious dispatcher of resources. This
consciousness takes a look at who is allowing resources to flow through
them, distributing them and putting them to good use. It then rewards or
replenishes that person with more resources, usually much more than what
they allow to flow through them. *So if you're the kind of person that
donates money or time to a constructive purpose, and you approach it
with the attitude of being a river and not a dam, you will be blessed
with far more wealth than you give to others.


Let's return to the metaphor of being a river and not a dam. Healthy
rivers flow; water continues to move downstream and it gets replenished
from an upstream source. In that river you'll find all kinds of life:
fish, micro-algae and plants. But if you dam up that river, you cause
stagnation. You stop the flow.

This is what happens when people try to covet money. They try to collect
money and put it all in their pockets without sharing with anyone. They
become a collector or a dam rather than a conduit. What happens when
water starts collecting and it's not moving? It begins to stagnate; it
becomes brackish and the life in it dies. The energy becomes a negative
energy and it's not the kind of place that people want to be around.
This is also true with people. People who operate on greed and whose
main purpose is to try to collect and control resources, rather than
share them, are not well-liked by other people. They won't be successful
in any business endeavor, other than by using methods of deceit and
dishonesty. The dam model is the model of stagnation.

If you function as a dam in life you're typically espousing a philosophy
of scarcity. This is how a lot of people accidentally end up functioning
as dams. They approach life with a fear... a fear of not having enough.
They're afraid they won't have enough food or money. They contract and
stop the outflow of resources, thinking if they conserve more money, if
they try to keep everything for themselves, they will be better
protected. And in fact, that only creates a situation of stagnation.
On the other hand, a person who approaches life from a point of view of
abundance believes there is more than enough financial wealth for the
world and more than enough food. They say, "In my life, I am an abundant
person in everything I deal with," and they attract abundance and
wealth. That person is going to flow like a river and notice that, even
as they allow all of that water to flow downstream to other recipients
and provide life further down the line, they are always replenished with
new water coming from upstream. It is in fact the flow of that water
that keeps it healthy and full of life.

So remember, fear creates constriction or contraction, which leads to
stagnation, loss of life and negative energy. On the other hand, sharing
or opening up to others through generosity creates abundance; it brings
life and broadcasts a higher vibration that attracts people. People want
to be around you.

*I'm suggesting that you adopt the vibration of abundance, and you can
start by giving. It may sound counterintuitive if you're new to any of
this, but the best way to become wealthy, in terms of money,
friendships, wisdom and everything else that matters in life, is to
actually start giving away all of those things. *By that I mean, start
giving away some of your money. Find a good cause that you can donate
to. Start giving information to the people around you. Give the gift of
knowledge. Give the gift of time and effort or volunteer somewhere. Make
the effort to be part of something constructive.

As you start doing this, you may say, "Well, I was broke before I
started this. Now I'm giving away my money and my time, and I'm even
more broke." To that I would advise to look where you're coming from.
Once again, it's from a perspective of scarcity and fear of not having
enough. What if, instead, you started giving away time, financial
resources and gifts of knowledge and information, and told yourself that
this is an investment? Tell yourself, "I'm investing in others and in
the flow of the river, and I know that this investment will come back to
me. By taking these actions, I am in fact enhancing my wealth." What if
you said that? What would happen?

*Be an attractor of abundance*

You'll notice that I give away far more information than I charge for. I
give away 90 percent of what I write. That is intentional; that's my way
of sharing information and allowing the river to flow. A shrewd
businessperson who didn't understand this concept might say, "Mike, you
could make a lot more money if you stopped giving away all this stuff
and started charging people for it." I've heard that before, too. When
someone tells me that, however, it indicates they don't understand how
to be a river and not a dam.
They don't understand the power of being a river, because once you start
to flow, to allow resources to flow through you by helping others, the
universe will reward you. It's as if someone made a decision and noticed
that you are responsible and you are a good steward of financial
resources. You therefore are being granted a much larger collection of
those resources.

*You must unlearn false beliefs about money*

Most of us have been trained that we have to hold on to every single
dime and the only way to achieve long-term financial success is to cut
our costs and not give away anything that we don't have to give away.
Basically, we're taught to pinch pennies.

But I'm coming from a very different point of view, which holds that
pinching pennies is exactly the wrong attitude. You should not go around
wasting money on silly products you don't need; rather, put your money
to a good use. For example, I buy no jewelry. Buying jewelry does
nothing for me personally. I don't typically spend a lot of money on
clothing, either. I buy only enough clothing to look presentable at
board meetings. I dislike fancy cars, and I have no interest in a lot of
material stuff. I prefer comfortable clothes, such as hemp pants, silk
shirts and materials that feel good and are made from natural fibers. I
don't spend a lot of money on frivolous things.

However, I do spend money on good causes. I will send a few thousand
dollars worth of food supplies to a needy community, or I'll send
emergency preparedness supplies to the American Red Cross. I'll donate
money to earthquake victims, tsunami victims or people who are caught in
some kind of a natural disaster. I'll donate software to groups that are
doing good work and need some technology for their automation. Such acts
are more important to me than collecting a lot of consumer products or
things I don't really need.

*Heal yourself with flow*

In a nutshell, that is my own personal secret to abundance. From my
experience, this is what really works. You've got to give, have an open
heart and be willing to invest in others around you in order to attract
more abundance to yourself. Whether your goal is to have financial
success, meet new people or heal yourself, you'll find all of those
things happening when you're willing to give to others.
In fact, this is a very healing exercise to engage in. If you are
knowledgeable about chakras and the energy centers in the body, you are
most likely aware that simply giving actually opens up the flow of
energy through those chakras. Once again, that returns us to the
metaphor of the river: When you give, you flow. At an energetic level,
that is exactly what's happening. When you flow, you actually prevent
disease and you can start to reverse diseases.

Many diseases are energetically related to stagnation and lack of flow.
Heart disease is definitely one of them. It's no coincidence that
individuals who aren't willing to give to anyone are said to "have no
heart." That's technically quite true. They have no heart health, and
they tend to be struck down by heart attacks, strokes or other forms of
cardiovascular disease. That saying is part of our reality because it's
been based on observation over the years. People who don't give don't
flow, and people who don't flow tend to have heart attacks. So by
allowing yourself to flow by giving to others and being generous, you
will simultaneously attract health and heal yourself.
You will also attract financial abundance, and will meet new people who
can help you succeed in practically any endeavor. You will be able to
create every bit of the success you imagine (and most likely achieve
something far beyond that as well).

*With financial wealth comes responsibility*

Do you now have a sense for how incredibly powerful this can be in your
life? How healing is part of every step here? How healing others is also
healing you? All of this is absolutely true. When you heal others, you
become healed in the process. When you allow resources and money to flow
through you, you will be recognized and rewarded with more resources and
more abundance. You'll have so much financial abundance that you won't
know what to do with it.
At some point ¨C and it doesn't take very long to get there ¨C you'll
have more than you need to feed and clothe yourself and live
comfortably. Everything else, then, is excess money. Here's perhaps the
most important point of all: when you reach the point where you have
more money than you know what to do with, be a responsible host of that
Let's say that you receive a nice fat raise to $250,000 / year in salary.
"Gee, I've made it. I'm going to have a quarter of a million dollars a year.
I've got a lot of money coming in. I'm going to blow it on a world
cruise, a brand new Jaguar and this $10,000 necklace I've been wanting."
You start loading up on all these luxury items that serve no one but you.
I guarantee the first thing that will happen is that the universe will
say, "This person doesn't need any more money, because they sure don't
know how to use it." You'll then find that that flow is going to stop.
That is the natural order of the universe; it's the way things work.
On the other hand, if you say, "I've got a couple hundred thousand
dollars here. I'm going to take 10 percent and donate that to some
important causes.

I'm going to take another 10 percent and buy some health products for
people who need them. I will also go to the nursing home here and work
with some patients as a volunteer."

When the universe sees that happening with you, it says, "This person is
a wonderful steward of financial abundance. This person knows how to
take care of money and put it to a good use. We're going to reward this
person with some more money." You'll then find even more abundance
headed your way. That's the magic of abundance.

*Remember to reward yourself, too*

One final thought on this. While this is going on, recognize that as
you're receiving financial abundance, you do have the right to spend
some of that money on yourself. As long as you are simultaneously
sharing and rewarding others around you, you deserve to reward yourself
as well.

I find too often that in the natural health industry, people feel guilty
spending even one dollar on themselves. That is ridiculous. There is a
time and a place to say, "I deserve to have some nice natural-fiber
clothes, or to upgrade my automobile to something that's more
comfortable and safer. We deserve a nice meal at a fine restaurant, or
we deserve to buy organic foods, and move to a better part of town, or
to a better part of the country." You deserve to be abundant. But it's
important to do these other things at the same time that you're
rewarding yourself. Don't feel guilty about spending money on yourself.
Just make sure that you are allowing the flow to others at the same time
that you are rewarding yourself.

Now, of course, the purists out there would say we don't need anything
material at all. The fewer attachments we have to material wealth, the
freer we are. I agree with that completely, but I also recognize that
for the vast majority of people in the western world, there's a certain
level of "stuff" that's necessary simply to operate in this society.
That's true for myself as well. I couldn't do this work without having
lots of computer equipment and a comfortable place to write. I couldn't
talk about nutrition and physical exercise if I didn't invest in
nutritional supplements and exercise equipment. So there's a certain
level of physical infrastructure that's necessary to even have a
conversation with those in the western world. But the key is to gather
what you need to do your job (and pursue your mission) without going
crazy on the accumulation of stuff.

There's a saying in the west: "He who dies with the most toys wins." And
actually, it's completely backwards. In reality, he who accumulates the
most toys dies while still alive, because he turns into a dam and
stagnates. The measure of a person is not how much she accumulates in
life, but how much she helps others.
Understanding this flow of energy is truly one of the secrets to
abundance. You can call it energetic, you can call it karma or you can
call it a spiritual approach. It doesn't matter what you call it; it's
the way the universe works. If you flow, you will be blessed with more
resources than you know what to do with.

It may be time to look at your life and be honest with yourself about
what you do with your money. Be honest about what you do with your time,
and what your reasons are for getting involved with any endeavor. If you
don't have the most altruistic reasons yet, or perhaps you don't have
any altruism at all, it may be time to redefine yourself.

*You can alter your flow in an instant*

We can choose to change at any time we want.
Even if we've never given a penny to anyone in our entire
lives, we can make a change right now, and make a donation today. We can
restructure the river inside of us right now. It only takes one decision
and one action. You can restructure your life from this moment forward;
you can create the flow even if you've never had it.
If you have a river that's dammed up and the water is stagnant, brackish
and lifeless, you can tear down that dam. The water will break through
and begin to flow downstream, and all that brackish water will empty out
and be replenished by new, fresh water. With that new, fresh water will
come new life, oxygen, plants, fish, living creatures and energies of
incredible joy and health. You can do that right now by making the
decision and breaking down any dams inside your own belief systems that
may have been stopping the flow of resources. You can create a river of
abundance in your own life right now.

-- Let us work together for unity and love --Johnny Lone-

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