Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Master Key System

Joseph Rettig

Long before the Internet age, long before TV and The new book "The Secret" became so popular almost overnight, there was something almost forgotten. In fact, it had been banned by the church in 1933, hidden from us for decades. This book is the Master Key System.

Charles F. Haanel was the author of the Master Key System. His book was published in 1912 and by 1933, this bestseller had sold over 200,000 copies worldwide. This book was originally a correspondence course before becoming a book. The Master Key System is one of the inspirations for the recent popular book and movie "The Secret", that became so popular. In fact, Haanel is even quoted in "The Secret" as a reference.

The author, Charles F. Haanel, was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but was raised in St. Louis Missouri. Known as a wealthy businessman and writer, Hanaal wrote his book, the Master Key System, at the age of forty-six years old. Haanel had practiced what he preached.

His discoveries drove him to write this book to share with everyone. These self actualized discoveries and accounts are the back bone to the 24 lessons contained within his volume of work.

Charles F. Haanel's book, the Master Key System, shows you how to create wealth and abundance in your life the natural way we were all meant to create. Tapping into the universal source to become healthy and staying well is also covered within these pages.

There is a lot to this book that was written so long ago that science is now finding holds true for eternity. Charles F. Haanel was ahead of time, leaving nothing unturned, or left undone in the Master Key Systems lessons.

There are still many people today that believe the Master Key System to be the best book of its type that was ever written. In fact, it is so popular that if you type the keyword "Master Key System" into the Google search engine, they come up with over eight million references with metaphysical topic ads crammed in right next to them.

It has been speculated that while attending Harvard University, a college student by the name of Bill Gates read the Master Key System. Because of this book, rumor has it, Gates was inspired to drop out of Harvard and follow his dream of putting a computer on every desktop. Would Microsoft have ever happened if it was not for the Master Key System? Only Mr. Gates knows for sure.

This book is a study in metaphysics, personal power and prosperity consciousness. It opens up its readers to experience these metaphysical, universal laws in very real ways that can be life changing and life affirming.

Within this great book that was written more than 90 years ago, the author, Charles F. Haanel, gives us everything we need to understand the real keys to unlocking our doors. Through the author's course, we get to better understand this higher power we all have that will step in and work for us in very extraordinary ways.

This book was one of the first testaments to address "The Law of Attraction". Today, this term is known by layman and quantum scientists alike. The Law of Attraction refers to the most powerful force in the universe.

The Master Key System is broken up into 24 chapters of study lessons. This book is intended to be a course, followed one step at a time with one lesson per week to follow.

The Master Key System has been responsible for a tremendous shift of action and thought within a lot of Fortune 500 companies most recently. Many executive staffs are now using the Law of Attraction to become more unified and harmoniously successful using the principles taught within Haanel's book from long ago.

These weekly lessons within this powerful book will not only inspire, these lessons have the ability to shift your consciousness into an energized force of prosperity and well being. The universal Law of Attraction becomes a natural function of all your intentions with everything you do in life. Prosperity and abundance stop being just words and become a part of who you were born to be.

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