Saturday, June 14, 2008

Free Mind, Free Body - How to Use Your Mind to Achieve More Than Ever Before

by Lillian Brummet

I had the honor of reviewing Free mind, Free Body - How To Use Your Mind To Achieve More Than Ever Before, Treatment and Healing this week and found this 162 page paperback book by DR Boisse lives up to it's claim: "A new thought-provoking and mind-expanding perspective". In fact the word "perspective" is perfect for this book, because over and over again readers will be shown how their perspective of situations, events or issues can twist and alter reality.

D. Boisse was raised in Rhode Island and currently resides in Los Angeles as a personal trainer and consultant. His dedication to motivating, empowering and helping other reach their potential has been an underlying passion since his youth. He holds many certifications in sports medicine, exercise, personal training, lifestyle and weight management and has worked with numerous medical and natural health professionals in the Los Angeles area.

Don't let the glossy white cover with little design to speak of fool you. Inside these pages readers will find many common sense applications to life, that aren't always so readily applied. After the introduction, there are 12 chapters dealing with freeing ourselves from self-imposed prisons, discovering who we are and how our mind works, the language we use in our minds and also in our communications with others, managing emotions and the importance of exercise and closes with encouragement for readers to use these newly learned skills to pursue the life they want to have. The author makes use of graphs, illustrations and text boxes to help readers digest the information contained in the pages.

While I could not find information on eco-printing options, environmentalists within the USA may find the fact that this book was manufactured within the country of some comfort.

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